ODYSSEY: A Journey in which You Learn from Your Experiences

Why Parkour?   To get to your destination in the most fun, creative, and inspiring way possible & to give you mad skills!

What will it do for you?   Improve agility, balance, coordination, control, develop strength, stamina, and power.

Parkour Basics

Beginner Level - 1A: ages 7-11  & 1B: ages 12-16

Introduces everything that makes parkour unique to other sports -  philosophy, general skills, and proper technique. Here, you will learn to move around the gym - and life - in a safe, smooth way. The goals of beginner-level are to be able to conquer the basic types of obstacles and movement while setting up goals for future development.

  • Vaulting - clearing low-height obstacles
  • Jumping - Precision Jump and Landing Tech
  • Safety - rolls, landings, ergonomics
  • Conditioning - strength, balance, discipline, power

Parkour & FreeRunning

Intermediate   Age 11+

Start to refine and connect the skills you've worked on as a beginner, and start to introduce more creative, technical, and physical challenges to your training.

  • Developing Flow (smoother connection of skills)
  • High-Level evolutions of basic skills
  • Acro (Tumbling, Tricking, and Flips)
  • Safety at height, and with speed
  • Minimum of 6 months recent enrollment in GSC classes & coach approval required.

FreeRunning & Tricking


Focuses on mastering the skills and learning how to be aware of your environment and able to move fluidly with all skills in succession.

  • This class has an emphasis on guided self-learning.
  • Students must have proven competence in all Parkour foundations, skills & disciplines.
  • Minimum of 6 months recent enrollment in GSC classes and coach approval is required.

Register Online

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Beginner Level Classes 55 minutes; $75 /month 
What you will need for classes:
  • Comfortable, movable clothes. No jeans or tight-fitting apparel.
  • Shorts & T-shirt are Great!
  • No Jewelry, belts
  • An attitude of adventure!
  • Odyssey T-shirts can be purchased in the office.
Classes are only offered during School Year: Sept - May

*For families Currently or Previously enrolled in classes,
please Do Not create a new account.

Please call or email the office and someone help you with a new password!