Summer Sessions

Registration starts April 22, 2024

JUNE Session: June 3-28  | JULY Session: July 1-26

Our Beginning Classes are offered Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday.

Each month requires separate enrollment.  If your athlete would like to do June & July, please enroll in Both Months!
If you would like your athlete to come more than once a week, we encourage you to enroll in two (2) different days.

Athletes must secure their hair away from the face and may not wear jewelry of any kind. They will be barefoot while on the gym floor.

Athletes may wear T-shirts & shorts – bare mid-riffs are not permitted and T-shirts should not be oversized.

Parents are welcome to watch but must not enter the training area.   Communicating with the athlete during training is discouraged.

Mom & Tot Classes | Boys & Girls

Our Mom and Tot class is a great introduction to gymnastics for children ages up to 3 years old.  This program is designed to improve motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and to improve body strength, flexibility and self-confidence, while improving the parent-child bond.

During this 45 minute class, you and your toddler will join our coaches working on group and individual activities and games.  We use music and songs to encourage stretching, motions, actions and invo,vement in coach directed activities.

The second part of the class is for you and your toddler to explore different equipment such as wedge mats used for forward rolls, balance beams, bars, trampolines, and the foam pit.

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Beginner Gymnastics Classes | Boys & Girls

Ages 3 and up | 1 hour / 1 day week (class is one hour long)   $65 / mo
Beginner Gymnastics Classes or GSC “COLOR” classes offer your child the opportunity to develop strength, discipline, determination, and self-motivation and prepares them for advancement into other gymnastic areas.

During the 1-hour class period, the athletes are divided into age groups.

Girls Color Groups by ages:                                                                    Boys Color Groups by ages:

3-4 Blue        5-6 Green    7-8 Yellow      9+ Red                             3-5 Purple       6+  Orange

After stretching they will work on the gymnastics events including floor exercises, vault, bars, trampoline, and Pit (foam pit area)
They will have a great time building their athletic abilities and self-confidence.

Each Month requires separate enrollment.  If you would like your athlet to attend both June AND July class, please enroll in BOTH sessions!

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Tumbling Classes | Boys & Girls

Ages 6 + | 1 hour / 1 day week (class is one hour long)   $75 / mo

  • Beginner: ages 6 and up   No Skills Required to join.
    Athletes learn Bridges, Handstand, Walkover, Cartwheels, and Rolls.
  • Intermediate & Advanced classes require Skill Evaluation

Cheer Training Classes | Boys & Girls

Ages 4 - 8 | 1 hour / 1 day week (class is one hour long)

Slower paced class to prepare athletes for cheerleading.

  • Stretching, Bridges, Handstand, Walkover, Cartwheel
  • Introducing jumps, stance, hands, pyramids and intro stunts.

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