Recreational Cheer Classes

Cheer Training

Ages 4 - 8 will learn the basic fundamentals of cheerleading, whether it's for Recreational Cheerleading, School Squads, or preparing for Abilene Cheer Force.​
The class is split into 2 parts.  Basic beginning tumbling  and cheerleading basics such as positions and jumps.

Cost:  $65 per month

Tumbling Class

Classes are 60 minutes long and will focus on skills for each level. We use spotting blocks, trampolines & 40' tumble trak which enhances  athlete ability, while slowing down the skill in order to identify mistakes and to correct them.​

Intro: (beginning tumbling) will work on rolls, handstands, bridges, & cartwheels     $65/month

Skilled classes are $75 /month and require a skills evaluation by a cheer coach:
Level 1:  Back & Front walkovers, Round off
Level 2: Back handspring, Round off rebounds

In order to master their skills, we recommend that athletes should be self-motivated during class to practice drills, and to work outside of class to improve upper body strength and skills.

Fall 2023 Class Schedule 

Strength & Stamina

This class is for any athlete that needs extra help, ideas, and training in order to build the strength needed to improve their skills.

Cost:  $65 per month

*If your athlete is enrolled in a class that is not at their skill level, GSC will move them to the appropriate class.

*If you are Currently or Previously enrolled in classes, please Do Not create a new account.
Call or email the office and someone will help you with a new password!